SmallWorlds Free VIP Membership & Gold Cards

SmallWorlds is one of the fastest growing online social games in 2015.  Players can customize their very own avatar character and interact with other SmallWorlds users.  Pretty much every aspect of the game can be personalized by each player.  You can decorate your house, shop for a wardrobe or even craft custom items using your creativity!

Anyone can sign up and play SmallWorlds for free but in order to access all the great features, you need a VIP membership.  VIP SmallWorlds players can go to special VIP-only spaces and wear exclusive VIP clothing too!  You’ll also get to play special missions before other citizens.


So now you might be wondering, how do I get a free SmallWorld VIP membership?  Well we give them away right here at!  All you have have to do is sign up for a free account and get started earning points.  Then you can spend your points on a SmallWorld VIP membership game card!  Earning points is easy.  You can fill out short surveys or even watch and rate videos to earn points!

Once you save up your points, you can use them on any SmallWorlds VIP membership you want.  We have one month, three month, and six month Vip membership cards available.  All the cards come with at least 2000 gold and 3 CL (Citizen Levels).

Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy with a free SmallWorlds VIP membership:

  • Access to exclusive clothing for your avatar like special shoes, shades, make-up, hats, and more
  • Bring your pet with you anywhere
  • Use the Dance Studio to practice your dance moves & save up to three different dances
  • Get Citizen Points that you can use to get weapons, skates, and skateboards
  • Buy exclusive VIP-only items to decorate your house
  • Visit VIP-only spaces
  • Earn double Kudos Points while playing missions or completing other tasks
  • Each SmallWorlds VIP game card comes with gold

As you can see, there are lots of benefits to having a SmallWorlds VIP membership.  Once you play as a VIP member you won’t want to go back to not having a membership.  You can access all the best features in SmallWorlds while you earn 2x the kudos for everything you do, it’s awesome!

We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get a free SmallWorlds membership here at Free Membership For.  That’s why we’ve created the rewards monitor to keep track of all the rewards points you’ve earned.  No more having to add them up in your head, the rewards monitor will show you exactly how many points you have so you can get your SmallWorlds VIP membership right away!

If you’re into crafting new clothing and items, then you’ll love having a VIP membership.  SmallWorlds VIP players earn more xp which allows you to advance in whatever creative arts you like.  Whether you like painting, sculpting, movie making, or a little bit of each, you’ll be able to do a lot more with a Smallworlds VIP membership!

Do you love your SmallWorlds pets?  Well VIP members can bring their pets with them anywhere they go!  Show your friends the new tricks you’ve been teaching your cat or dog.  No matter where you go, they’ll be at your side.


There’s so much to do in SmallWorlds so why miss out because you don’t have a membership?!  You can get a VIP membership for absolutely free here at  We make it so easy, you can earn your SmallWorlds membership in minutes!

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