OurWorld Free Resident Membership & Gem Cards

OurWorld has become one of the most popular online social games in 2015.  You can create your very own character and use them to explore Ourworld while meeting other players.  There are mini games you can play or even contests to enter.

Anyone can sign up and start playing Ourworld for free as a tourist but in order to get the most out of Ourworld, you need a resident membership.  Resident members get access to all of the features and areas that Ourworld has to offer!  Whether you want to level up faster or are tired of seeing advertisements, a resident membership is what you need.


After receiving many requests to add Ourworld memberships to Free Membership For, we’ve listened and added it to our collection of free memberships!  It’s easy to get started earning your free OurWorld resident membership here at FreeMembershipFor.com.  Just sign up for a free account to begin earning your free Ourworld resident game card.  It’s totally free, no credit card required!

Once you set up your Free Membership For account, login to view the available offers for your country.  We have surveys, videos, or even games you can play to review and earn points.  You can view the offers sorted by the type of offer or how many points you get for it.  Once you complete an offer, you’ll get rewards points added to your account in as little as 30 minutes!

For new users, we recommend starting with survey offers or videos.  Both of those are easy for beginners and they usually give you your points right away!  Just be sure you fully fill out the offers and follow instructions so you get your points!  For more experienced users, we have some download offers.  Usually the download offers give you more points but they take more time to complete.

If you still aren’t convinced why an Ourworld resident membership is the best way to play, here are just a few of the benefits of becoming a resident.

  • Get a bigger condo – more space to decorate and store your things
  • No advertisements – you won’t see any annoying ads while you’re playing
  • Earn 2x more flow – level-up twice as fast by earning double flow points for anything you do
  • Get 150 gems every month – every 30 days residents get 150 gems to spend on whatever they want

Those are just some of the advantages of having an Ourworld resident membership!  In our opinion it’s worth becoming a resident just so you don’t have to see all of the ads!  Also other users will know you’re a resident because you’ll have a yellow triangle by your username.

If you’re tired of having to buy gems every time you want to buy a premium item, then you need a resident membership.  As a resident you’ll get 150 gems every month to spend on anything you choose!  Rather than having to pay every time, you’ll have an allowance of gems you can save or spend!

Don’t you wish you could play Ourworld without any distracting ads or barriers to what you can do?  As an Ourworld resident, you’ll have free reign of Ourworld and can do whatever you want!  Not only that but you’ll get gems you can use for anything you want!  Level-up twice as fast by earning 2x the flow points for all activities!

So what are you waiting for?  It’s so easy to start earning your free Ourworld resident membership right here at FreeMembershipFor.com!  We give away more Ourworld memberships than any other website out there.  That’s because we make it so easy to earn.  Start today!

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  1. keewa

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me how all i see is ads and im 10 years old
    tell me plz
    thats all i have been thinking: A REZ 😀
    i want ppl to thing im ummmm

  2. Hayley

    I would like a 12 month resident pass thing!! I just really want to get my dream outfit and get my friends gifts to help them out!! I’m only on level 18 with alot of money but all the stuff I can get I don’t really like!! Also go add me on OW mysterygirlmaisy and add my back up account JellyLivLolums (: I always accept friend requests!!

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