FreeMembershipFor FAQ’s

How does work? allows you to earn free memberships for all of your favorite online games.  Once you sign up, you’ll be able to select from a list of different offers available.  After you fully complete an offer, you will receive rewards points that you can use to get a free membership of your choice.

What types of offers do I have to do?

We have a wide range of different offers for our users to choose from.  Here are a few examples:

  • Questionnaire surveys – answer questions in a survey to earn points.
  • Watch videos/ads – watch a short video or advertisement then rate it to earn points.
  • Play games – play a short online mini-game then answer questions about it.

How can you afford to give out free memberships for games?

We get payments from our sponsors when you complete offers then we pass the earnings on to you in the form of rewards points.  You can redeem your points for any game membership you’d like!

Why haven’t I received points yet for this offer I completed?

Most of the time, you will receive your points within 12 hours after you have successfully completed an offer.  It can take up to 24hrs after you complete an offer to received your points.  This is because the advertiser needs to make sure that you have actually completed the offer.

What happens if I mark an offer as “Completed” without doing it?

You will not receive points for the offer.  We verify that the offer is complete before giving you the points.  Doing this will make you unable to complete that offer again in the future.

Why does it say “Rejected” next to an offer I completed?

Be sure you follow the instructions on each offer to ensure that you complete it correctly.  An offer can be rejected for a few reasons:

  • You failed to complete the offer fully.  If you exit out in the middle of an offer, this might happen.
  • You were not eligible to complete the offer in the first place.  Be sure to read the instructions, some offers have age, gender, and other demographic restrictions.
  • Using fake information.  If you use a fake name, email, or address, your submission may be rejected.
  • Your browser is blocking cookies.  Certain offers use cookies to track if the offer has been completed.

How can I earn extra points?

There are a couple ways to earn extra points at

  • Invite your friends to join!  In your account panel, you’ll see an area where you can invite friends via email.  Simply enter their email addresses to send them an invite.  You’ll earn 50 points for every friend that signs up – they must sign up at in order to receive your points.
  • Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!  Do either or both of these things, then mark the Facebook/Twitter offer as complete.  You can find this offer under the “Extras” tab in your account panel and you will earn 10 points for doing each of these things!

Why can’t I sign up at

Users from certain countries are unable to sign up at  Why is this?  Sometimes it is because we don’t have any available offers for your country.  Other times it may be because of the IP address you are using to access  If you have any questions or issues regarding account sign-up, please contact