Stardoll vs IMVU

Stardoll and IMVU are online computer games that mostly attract the female population, and they both encourage players to connect with their creativity and learn about the fashion world.


Stardoll is a massive online community for girls who are interested in fashion and socializing with others girls who have the same interests. Stardoll is free of charge for everybody, but they do have an option to increase the content of the game for $6.95 for a single month, or $4.95 a month for an entire year. However, players still have a great amount of content to work with if they want to avoid spending their money. When Stardoll was originally released it was meant for adults (believe it or not) interested in fashion, but presently the game is for the teenage girl population.

IMVU is similar to Stardoll, but you can do many more activities both inside and outside of the fashion world. IMVU gives its users a promotional 1,000 credits, but members who play regularly would use this up in a matter of no-time. IMVU doesn’t just attract the young female population of the world, it’s highly interactive qualities make the game seem more like social networking, so there is a very wide range of ages that participate in this game.

Stardoll and IMVU entertain two separate age groups, and if I was a parent of a teenage girl I would rather have her play Stardoll. I say this because IMVU strays more away from the fashion aspect, and leans more toward the social aspect. This attracts the older gamers, which could possibly pose some dangerous online interactions with other members. However, IMVU is an overall better game because of its endless options and activities that can be encountered.