Stardoll Free Membership – Superstar VIP Code

One of the best ways to use your points is to redeem a stardoll superstar membership.  We are currently offering all the VIP stardoll memberships on our website for 200 points off! That’s right you can now get a stardoll superstar account card for less than 500 points! This is only for a limited time so if you are interested be sure to take advantage of this soon.


Update: Due to popular demand we have decided to add Stardollar gift codes to the available rewards on the website.  We like to listen to what our users input and since enough of you requested that we add stardollar codes to the website we went ahead and had it implemented into the reward system! So now there are 2 reward options for all you stardoll players out there!

All you need to do is signup today and start earning points by downloading and completing a variety of simple offers!

What are the benefits of a free superstar membership?
Get Famous – One of the best things about getting a membership on stardoll is that it helps you become famous.  Seriously most every famous user is a superstar.  It’s hard to be famous if your account is just a regular user.

Tons of Stardollars – As soon as you become a superstar you get a bunch of stardollars. Who couldn’t use more stardollars?

Suite Space – Members get bigger suites for all the extra stuff they can buy.

Party Time – If you ever want to throw an awesome party in the game you need to be a superstar.

Early Access – You get everything before the regular users. Do you want to be among the first users to have the new stardolls?  Well you better redeem your points for a code then!

Exclusive and Rare Stuff – Not only do you get stuff before the other regular users but there are also exclusive items, clothes, and suite furniture that is only available to paid members.

Your Own Store – Become a store owner in the StarBazaar and start selling clothes and items today!

These are only a few of the main reasons you would want to get a free membership for stardoll.  There are honestly so many perks that we don’t have the time to list them all.  What are you waiting for? You can be a superstar in no time. Go create your account and get started today!

About The Game

Stardoll is an online world for kids that allows you to create a character that you can customize everything from their appearance to their clothes and suite. There are a ton of clothing and style options in the game so the possibilities are really endless. Another cool thing about stardoll is the amount of celebrities and famous brands that are used throughout the game. Many celebrities have exclusive lines and you are even able to play as famous celebs and dress them up however you choose.

Tips for earning points
The easiest way to earn the most points the fastest is by taking advantage of the download offers. To do this we recommend sorting the available offers by type and choosing downloads.  These offers consist of free software, games, and applications that are no cost to you.  Generally these carry the most points and take the shortest amount of time to complete.  However if you are using a computer that doesn’t allow you to download software then it’s probably best to stick with surveys as they tend to be second in point totals.  They may take slightly longer but they are still a great option.

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  1. april

    Hello i would really really really like a year membership. please and thank you. i wanna see if this website is a fake or not. i bet it is so prove me wrong. thank you my user name is im_a_panda thank you again

  2. MushyKetchup

    How exactly do you register…? I’ve tried all the login things, and they won’t do anything… and I can’t really find a register area on your website. The area that was labelled that way was just a login portal that wouldn’t let me register. 🙁

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