Pirate101 Free Membership Codes & Game Cards

Pirate101 is one our newest games here at Free Membership For.  You play as a pirate sailing the Skyway searching for treasure and doing quests.  It’s from the creators of Wizard101 and has a lot of the same cool features.  There are lots of different areas to explore and quests to go on in Pirate101 but you need a membership in order to access all of them.

Memberships for Pirate101 can usually cost up to $80 per year so that’s why we started offering them here at Free Membership For.  You can get a Pirate101 membership for free by completing surveys or even watching videos.  There’s no credit card required to sign up or anything like that, it’s 100% totally free!


Once you sign up for your free account here at FreeMembershipFor.com, login and you’ll be able to choose from the list of available offers for your country.  Each offer gives you a certain number of points once you complete it.  You’ll see your points in your account in as little as 30 minutes!  Then you’re able to use those points for a free Pirate 101 membership game card.

In case you haven’t heard of all the perks of having a Pirate101 membership, let me fill you in!

  • Access to every game world in the spiral without having to use crowns
  • Faster energy regeneration during battles
  • Have 20% more friends on your friends list
  • More space in your backpack
  • Each card also comes with crowns

Pirate101 members will tell you how awesome it is to have a membership.  Not only does it give you access to all of the current worlds in the spiral, but members also get first access to the new worlds that come out!  Freely sail the Skyways with no barriers to any world in Pirate101.

Another cool thing about the Pirate101 games cards is you can actually use them to get more crowns too!  So say you already have a Pirate101 membership but you get another free card, you can use it to buy crowns instead.  So no matter what you want to do in Pirate 101, you can find a free game card for it here at FMF.

Whether you choose the buccaneer, musketeer, privateer, swashbuckler, or witchdoctor class, a Pirate101 membership will help you on your quest to find treasure.  Stop being confined in the free areas of Pirate101 and sail into the uncharted premium worlds!

If you’re having trouble setting up your account, be sure to check out the instructions on the homepage for how to get started.  When you login you’ll see just how easy it is to get started earning points.  You can sort the offers by what type they are (survey, video, etc) or by how many points they give you.

We recommend our new users to try taking a survey or watching a video to get started.  You can also download computer games to try out and get points for it!  Once you save up your points, you can use them on any Pirate101 game card or membership you choose.

Do you want to be able to sail to every game world in Pirate101?  There are lots of worlds out there to explore like Monquista, Valencia, Marleybone, Skull Island, Cool Ranch, Mooshu, Aquila, and more!  There’s treasure waiting for you to come find it.

So now that you know a little bit about Pirate101 membership and how Free Membership For works, why not sign up and get started?!  You can get a free Pirate101 membership game card in just minutes.  Sign up an you’ll see how easy we make it to get free memberships here at FMF!

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