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If you ever watch nickelodeon you’ve probably heard of the online game monkey quest. Our team at definitely has so we decided to add another redemption offer to the website, free monkey quest membership card codes! So if you’ve been wanting to step up your game in the land of Ook then you have come to the right place. You can get yours today by earning points downloading offers or doing quick surveys.


Monkey Quest lets players explore the world while making friends, completing challenging questions, and acquiring a bunch of sweet gear and items. If you are successful there is even a chance that you could become a tribal leader.

As of now there are only five monkey tribes Chim Foo, Sea Dragons, Ootu Mystics, Mek-Tek, and the Ice Raiders. Based on the tribe you are in there are a ton of different stages and quests. Some quests are the main quests, daily quests, side quests, and probably the most fun of all the multi-player quests.

We’ve also decided to add some more monkey quest related items to our website other than just free membership cards. We’ve also added the option to redeem your points for NickCash (NC) which you can use in the game to level up or buy exclusive items in the game. Seriously you can get a ton of nick cash just by downloading a couple free games on our website. It’s faster than going to the store and buying NC, plus the downloads are super fast!

One of the most promising things about this online game is the fact that it’s owned by Nickelodeon. Since it’s owned and operated by such a large company you can be sure that the game isn’t going anywhere and will probably only keep getting better and better. If you have ever played the game you already know how fun it is, so just imagine how much better it can get!

Benefits of a Free Monkey Quest Membership

So now that you know a little more about monkey quest (which you may have already known if you are a player) we decided to put some of the benefits of being a member together.

So first off when you become a paid member you are able to customize 500 different items, collect some of the rare member only pets, and you get unlimited games of monkey blast.

Also when you are a monkey quest member you are able to party all year around instead of only during the specific party times for regular members. Plus you have bonuses of level up rewards and some extra nick cash. Remember you can also redeem your points for nick cash on our website so if you want even more that’s possible as well.

A monkey quest one month membership usually costs about 10 dollars but you can redeem yours for under 300 points from

Making that many points is a piece of cake, you can earn up to 150 points on some of the free game downloads on our offer section. Some users have reported being able to make 800 points in under 10 minutes! That’s pretty impressive when you only need to generate 300 for a one money membership account!

Seriously what are you waiting for? Time to get yourself a monkey quest membership and start collecting those bananas today!

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